First Flight Festival 2018 is the 4th annual festival of new short plays created by Angels Play Writing Collective.  

Member playwrights come together each fall to decide the rules for the upcoming Festival.

In September 2017, it was decided that the only unifying theme for 2018 would be that all plays would be under 20 minutes. 

The 2018 Festival premieres 22 new short plays for youth and adult performers.  

Interesting FFF 2018 fact  - 5 playwrights have multiple scripts in the festival. 

Musician Jeramie Beahm is back with his original music.

All plays is Flight C are performed by students from the Malcolm Nebraska public school system.

Flights A & B - Please be advised that there are adult themes such as mental illness; "coming out" (from a teen's point of view); clinical language asking about HIV transmission; a 4 letter word or two; and the question "does the tooth fairy really exist?"

In Flight C - Brian Bornstein's play 9 Seconds looks at friendship and suicide (from a teen's point of view).