FFF 2017 - Flight A - info

Performances: July 19, 21 & 27 at 7:30 PM

                          July 23 at 2 PM 

                          July 29 at 8 PM

Between the Lines by Mary Douglass - directed by Cecilia Burkhart

     cast: Constance Howard, Cheyenne Townsley & Jeremy Blomstedt

Baseball by Steve Enersen directed by Mark Mesarch

     cast: Emerson Mikkelsen & Harry Heafer

Our Daughter Katie by Brigid Amos directed by Trey Martinez

     cast: Mark Mesarch, Christie Emler, Eleanor Schmeichel & Alaina Connor

Central Park South by Courtney Scholl directed by Judy Hart

     cast: Sandy Van Pelt & Julienne Howard

Hero by Brian Bornstein directed by Timothy Scholl

     cast: Maribel Cruz

Sneddon & Tweeps by Paul Burrow directed by Morrie Enders

     cast: Riley Beranek & Rachele Brown

Taxi Ride by Steve Enersen directed by Paula Ray

     cast: Diane Gonzolas & Tim Mittan

To Bee or not To Bee by Robin Buckallew directed by Matt Heimes 

     cast: Chet Kincaid, Chad Klein & LauraLee Woodruff