First Flight Festival 2017

All FFF 2017 plays are performed in UNL's Studio Theatre located on the first floor of the Temple Building, 12th & R Streets, Lincoln.

These  short plays or monologues are under 20 minutes each and written by members of Angels Play Writing Collective.

General admission per FLIGHT is $15

FESTIVAL passes are $25 (Festival passes give you admission to all 3 Flights for one price)

OLLI and student discount prices: $10 per Flight and $19 for a FESTIVAL pass.

See performance schedule below.

You have 2 opportunities to see Flights A & B in a single day!

  • Sunday July 23 - 2 PM (Flight A) and 7:30 PM (Flight B)
  • Saturday July 29 - 4 PM (Flight B) and 8 PM (Flight A) - there's a special dinner theatre package available with  Dish Restaurant. (details soon).


  • July 19, 21 & 27 at 7:30 PM
  • July 23 at 2 PM 
  • July 29 at 8 PM 

Between the Lines by Mary Douglass directed by Cecilia Burkhart

Baseball by Steve Enersen directed by Mark Mesarch

Our Daughter Katie by Brigid Amos directed by Trey Martinez

Hero by Brian Bornstein directed by Timothy Scholl

Central Park South by Courtney Scholl directed by Judy Hart

Hero by Brian Bornstein directed by Timothy Scholl

Sneddon & Tweeps by Paul Burrow directed by Morrie Endeers

Taxi Ride by Steve Enersen directed by Paula Ray

To Bee or not To Bee by Robin Buckallew directed by Matt Heimes 


  • July 20, 22, 23 & 28 at 7 :30 PM
  • July 29 at 4 PM

Ticonderoga  by Courtney Scholl directed by Timothy Scholl

In Dreams I Take Your Hand Madam by Dwight Johns directed by Scott Glen

Flight of Fantasy by Cherie Frederick directed by Timothy Scholl

Hero by Brian Bornstein directed by Timothy Scholl

8 out of 10 by Erin Glenn-Hash directed by Judy Hart

Inter by Norman Simon directed by Sarah Gibson

The Shwake by Brian Bornstein directed by Al Davis

Stray Dogs by Paula Ray directed by Mary Douglass


  • July 25 & 26 at 7:30 PM

Actors in this flight are Malcolm Nebraska Middle and High School students.

Butterfly by Steve Enersen

Winning by Steve Enersen

Another Sorry Expectation by Steve Enersen

Hi Jack by Steve & Meredeth Enersen

Waiting for Elvis by Cherie Frederick

Okay by Jillian Carter

Big Top All Stars by Courtney Scholl

The Sneaker and the Nail by Brigid Amos