Performances - UNL Studio Theatre, 12th & R Streets in Lincoln

Flight A -  performances July 18, 20, 26 @ 7:30 PM, Sunday July 22 @ 2 PM and Saturday July 28 @ 8 PM

     Act 1

Window # 5 by Paul Burrow 

Lesbians, KFC and Ellen Degeneres written by Willow Statmore & Jillian Carter (older cast)

Absence of Absence by Brian Bornstein

Something Worse by Brian Bornstein 

     Act 2

Rainier Mountain High by Mark Bestul 

#MomPower by Jillian Carter 

A Path of Love by Cec Burkhart 

F Bomb in the Courtroom by Paul Burrow 

Flight B - performances July 19, 21, 22, 27 @ 7:30 PM and Saturday July 28 at 4 PM 

     Act 1

The Tooth by Robin Buckallew 

Lesbians, KFC and Ellen Degneres written by Willow Statmore & Jillian Carter (younger cast) 

She Loves Me by Robin Buckallew

Tenderly Redux by Andy Dillehay

     Act 2

One Old Grouch by Robin Buckallew

A Continual Feast by Andy Dillehay

Pumpkin Talk by Robin Buckallew 

Rainy Thursday Afternoon by Andy Dillehay

Flight C - performances July 24 & 25 @ 7:30 PM and Sunday July 29 at 2 PM

          Act 1

She Loves Me by Robin Buckallew (July 24 & 25 only)

The Tooth by Robin Buckallew 

Hounds of Silence by Dwight Johns

The Voice by Nicole Benischek

Lions & Tigers & Bears (oh my!) by Dwight Johns

     Act 2

Spellbound by Alijah Mallula 

#Mom Power written by Jillian Carter (July 24 & 25 only)

Diamonds in the Rough by Phil Schupbach

9 Seconds by Brian Bornstein 

Me & Phil by Dwight Johns


General admission ticket price is:

$15.00 for one Flight

$25.00 for two Flights

$35.00 for three Flights 

OLLI and student discount is $5.00 off the general admission price

Tickets available online starting July 1, 2018