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The Angels Theatre Company began over a cup of coffee at The Mill Coffee Shop in 1992. Judy Hart, Pippa White and Sherry Cole wanted to continue the comraderie and creativity they experienced as teaching artists with the Arts Are Basic program. They started meeting regularly at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Lincoln Nebraska. The women were amazed by the icons and artwork in the church and proclaimed - "We are in the company of Angels!" - and the Angels Company took flight.

The first production was Zeal, Grace and Transformation, a site specific performance piece presented at the St. Francis Chapel, December 1994. 

After that production Judy, Pippa & Sherry started looking for other performance spaces. Conversations began with Amy Lamphere of the Wagon Train Project, in 1995. Sweat equity earned the Angels time in the room that would soon to be known as the 7th Street Loft.  Having a space meant the Angels Company started planning a future.  The 7th Street Loft became their home until the building was sold in 1999.   The Loft's resident artist groups formally identified themselves as a Consortium in 1998. After the building was sold, the Consortium moved to a new space at the corner of 8th & P Streets in Lincoln and the Loft at the Mill was born in 2001.  The Loft at the Mill remained the Angels' home until June 2009 when the Loft's lease wasn't renewed and the consortium was dissolved. 

Currently, the Angels perform at various performance venues in Lincoln.

The Angels Theatre Company incorporated in June 2003 and was designated Not for Profit – 501c3  as a public charity in December 2004.


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