Mission Statement

The mission of the Angels Playwright Collective is to foster local playwrights in their development of new work from inception to production.  Play writing is a solitary and lonely endeavor. The Collective brings interested writers together for peer support to exchange meaningful feedback on works in progress. The Collective gives playwrights the opportunity to hear how their work is perceived by others and allows for a detailed information exchange. The Collective has a structured 12 month calendar that includes workshops and monthly meetings, culminating in festival production. .


  • To meet monthly to develop a community of mutually supportive individuals focusing on play writing.
  • To motivate member-playwrights by creating deadlines.
  • To develop critical perception and new insight for member-playwrights.
  • To encourage a supportive environment in which playwrights may share their work with the collective and receive feedback.
  • To stimulate the creation of new plays and further the creative development of member-playwrights.
  • To facilitate public readings in which member-playwrights may present work to an audience for critical feedback.


  • Turbine Flats
    Turbine Flats
  • Foundry Community
    Foundry Community