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July 16 - 19, 2020

Lied Center's Johnny Carson Theatre


Predators by Elbert Traylor

Directed by Charisa Ramsey

     Mark: Matthew Bejjani

     Alex: Zach Steele

     Lauryn: Zoe Tien

The Observer by Stephen Enersen

Directed by Mark Mesarch

     David: Walter McDowell III

     Voice: LauraLee Woodruff

     Meg: Rachele Stoops

Transit of Venus by Robin Buckalew

Directed by Jillian Carter

     Laurie: Lindsay Masin

Word Play by Paul Burrow

Directed by Walter McDowell III

     Ellie: Megan Fangmeyer

     Mark: Tim Andersen

     Herschel: Thomas Crew

The Modern Age of Progress by Judy Rae

Directed by Cecilia Burkhart

     Rebecca: Rachele Stoops

Breakfast Tray by Kathy Disney

Directed by Sarah Halsted

     Elizabeth: Gretchen Foley

     Nicole: Charisa Ramsey

Jacob's Ladder by Jillian Carter

Directed by Tony Heffner

     Mary: Erin Mills

pause for stretching 

Dove by Brigid Amos

     Grant: Dale Hayes Jr.

     Effie: Constance Howard

     Dove: Jules Howard

     Stage Directions: Stephanie Porter

  • Turbine Flats
    Turbine Flats
  • Foundry Community
    Foundry Community