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There are 26 short plays in this Festival. We can't fit them all into one performance - therefore - the Festival is divided into Flights. Each Flight has multiple performances. Here is the list of plays by Flight.

  • Flight A
    July 17, 19 , 25 @ 7:30 PM
    July 21 @ 2 PM
    July 27 @ 4 PM

    Cruel to be Kind by Paula Ray
    The Wave by Paul Burrow
    Coffee with Ed by Stephen Enersen
    Sing Daisy For Me by Cec Burkhart
    The Male Brain Deconstructed by Paul Burrow
    Shall We Dance by Brigid Amos
    The Beast by David Chapelle
    In N Out Cafe by John Burkhart
    Knock 3 Times by Andy Dillehay
    Closing Time by David Chapelle
    The Way It Is by Charisa Ramsey

  • Flight B
    July 18, 20, 21, 26 @ 7:30 PM
    July 27 @ 8 PM

    Humpty Dumpty by Stephen Enersen
    A Slight Misunderstanding by Stephen Enersen
    Just a Drill by Jillian Carter
    Wheelchair Karma by Brian Bornstein
    The Bereaved Widow by Judy Rae
    Blue Screen of Death by Robin Buckallew
    Swipe Left by David Chapelle
    A Cool Margarita by David Chapelle
    Make My Decision for Me by Brian Bornstein
    Two Pink Lines by Jillian Carter

  • Flight C
    July 23, 24 @ 7:30 PM
    July 28 @ 2 PM

    @Studly Superhero by Robin Buckallew
    Tax Evasion in Dogtown by Robin Buckallew
    It's a Worry-full Life by Linda Howard Cooke
    A Good Plan by Robin Buckallew
    Blue Screen of Death by Robin Buckallew
    Playbill, Play Ball by Linda Howard Cooke
    The Male Brain Deconstructed by Paul Burrow

  • Turbine Flats
    Turbine Flats
  • Foundry Community
    Foundry Community