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First Flight Festival - 2015

The Bequest by Cherie Frederick - Leslie Jensen is in her hometown cleaning out her father’s house after his recent death. Her mother, Ethel, long divorced but still bitter about her ex-husband’s affair with her best friend, accompanies her. They are looking for the bequest that Leslie’s father said he was leaving his daughter but going through his things doesn’t reveal the insurance they anticipate.

Shock by Robin Buckallew - Dana is a prisoner at her local hospital. The only thing standing between her and freedom is a doctor who is convinced he knows her needs better than she does. Dana must convince him that she no longer needs the treatments he has prescribed. Capable and intelligent, able to handle most situations, Dana is now up against an adversary more formidable than any other she has ever faced.

Home Security by Norman Simon - Mobs of “homeless immigrants” seem to be gathering, and it is rumored that the city has ordered armored vehicles for riot control.  Joe and Paul are brothers who live together.  They argue constantly, particularly about their mother, who left when they were boys.  The brothers keep a gun in their safe for home protection, but each of them has only half the combination.  When the noise of the crowd reaches a crescendo outside their house they decide to retrieve the weapon.  Just then, the doorbell rings.  It is Lana Bagleman, who claims to be their neighbor from across the street.

Knocking on Heaven's Gate by Steve Enersen -  Helen is dismayed to discover that her first day of heaven is heaven’s last day; heaven is shutting down.

Killing Crazy by Brian Bornstein - Louis Righetti is a prisoner on death row whose competency to be executed is in question due to possible mental illness. As his execution date nears, he receives visits from the psychologist who is conducting his competency evaluation and from the prison chaplain, who offers him spiritual counseling. The play explores the legal, personal, and professional issues involved in executing someone who may not be of sound mind. Is it ethical to kill a crazy person, or is anyone who would kill at least a little bit crazy?

Miss Perfect by Erin Glenn-Hash - A young woman makes a decision and struggles with the aftermath.

Kitchen Garden by Brigid Amos - After an ice fishing accident, a widow and her late husband’s best friend meet in a Minnesota kitchen to revisit the past.

American Cafe by Paula Ray - An Irish pub on the island of Inishmor is a mecca for tourists trying to find their roots - Irish or otherwise - with Guinness as the holy grail.

The Lion and Me by Steve Enersen - Anxious to learn if other species ponder the meaning/purpose of life, George uses magic to engage a lion in discourse on the subject.

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