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First Flight Festival - 2016

The Nebraska Arts Council, a State Agency, has supported this arts event through its matching grants program funded by the Nebraska Legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment.  Visit for information on how the Nebraska Arts Council can assist your organization.

2016 Festival - July 14 - 23, 2016 - Studio Theatre - located on the first floor of UNL's Temple Building - 12th & R Streets, Lincoln NE

These new short plays are written by playwright members of the Angels Playwriting Collective.

All of these plays are short - 45 minutes or less - and are being presented for the first time at First Flight Festival 2016.

Each Flight is a full evening of performance lasting about 2.5 hours with intermission.

Tickets cost $10 per Flight or $15 for a Festival pass.  Tickets are available at the door and online. Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted at the door the night of the performances.

Flight # 1 - 7:30 PM on July 14, 16, 17 + 22    

It's a Date by Robin Buckallew directed by Mary Douglas

     cast:     Taylor - Rachelle Stoops Brown

                  Date - Larry Weixelman

                  Ryan - Walter McDowell III

Matilda (monologue) by Dwight Johns directed by Crystal Craft  

     cast:     Isolde - Deb Arenz

Bernice's Birthday by Brigid Amos directed by Jan Bretz

     cast:     Bernice - Cecilia Burkhart

                  Lloyd - John Burkhart

                  Street Musician - Jeramie Beahm

Aunt Carrie (monologue) by Dwight Johns directed by Crystal Craft  

     cast:     Charlotte - Elaine Monnier

Citizen Zane by Diana Celesky directed by Judy Hart

     cast:      Dillon - Mark Mesarch

                   Zane - Christian Munoz

                   Amanda - Sandra Halpern

                   Dr. Walters - Barbara Barron

                   Chris - Jillian Carter               


Entropy by Norman Simon directed by Timothy Scholl

     cast:      Paul - Tony Heffner

                   Sy - Larry Mota

                   Sunny - Diane Gonzolas

                   Vera - Rachel Gar-El

                   Ken - Chad Klein

                   Agent X - Max Antoine

Flight # 2 - 7:30 PM performances on July 15, 21 + 23 and a 2 PM performance on July 17            

Appleseed by Courtney Scholl directed by Patsy Koch Johns 

     cast:     Elizabeth - Jan Bretz

                  Izzy – Madeline Scholl

                  Libby - Eleanor Schmeichel

                  Liza – Chloe Nore

                  Lizabeth – Cheyenne Townsley

                  Bess – Gabby Ayala

                  Henry - Jaz Schoeneck

Safe Space by Jillian Carter directed by Judy Hart

     cast:     Nathan - Michael Booton

Everybody Plays the Fool  monologue by Dwight Johns directed by Crystal Craft

     cast:     Swight - Harry Heafer

25 Maple Court by Steve Enersen directed by Judy Hart

     cast:     Henry – Brady Smith

                 Summer – Amber Nore

Jacques in the Box monologue by Dwight Johns directed by Crystal Craft

     cast:     Jacques -  MJ Dunn


Up in Smoke by Paula Ray directed by Paula Ray

     cast:     Melanie - Alaina Connor

                 Ann - Keri Wayne-Browne 

Wearin o the Green monologues by Dwight Johns directed by Crystal Craft 

     cast:     Martin - Terry Clements

Just Another Park Bench Play by Paul Dickey directed by Andy Dillehay

     cast:     Playwright - Judy Anderson

                  A - LauraLee Woodruff

                  B - Tim Peglow

Just My Untype by Brian Bornstein directed by Sarah Gibson

     cast:   Susan - Deanna Walz

                Callie - Maribel Cruz


Entropy by Norman Simon

Paul, a writer, meets periodically with Sy, a physicist, and Sunny, an NSA analyst, for “bullshit sessions,” imagining possible terrorist plots and how to thwart them. But, what if real terrorists were to start following their advice?                       

Just Another Park Bench Play by Paul Dickey

A playwright asserts to the audience that she is writing a play, perhaps a drama, but her younger self comes out of the audience to challenge her.  It may be a bit of comic absurdity of course, but eventually the tragedy is written to the end.

Just My Untype by Brian Bornstein

Over drinks in a bar, Callie and Susan, two women in their late 30s/early 40s, talk about the kinds of men who are decidedly not their type. But a surprise lies in store.

Appleseed by Courtney Scholl

For over seventy years, Elizabeth has experienced life in a coal mining town from the comfort of her front porch. Now things are changing, and she must confront the past before she can face the future.

Safe Space by Jillian Carter

 A young man shares a very personal story with a church group for homosexual teenagers.

Up In Smoke by Paula Ray

Melanie is a teenager struggling with how to live with a chronic medical condition. Her main strategy provides her with some relief but creates a much larger struggle for she and her mother to face.

IT’S A DATE by Robin Buckallew

DNA dating offers that perfect match, determined scientifically. It’s the modern way of taking the guesswork out of dating. But after a series of hilarious mismatches, Taylor begins to realize that you can’t reduce love to a scientific equation.  

25 Maple Court by Steven Enersen

A simple Valentine’s Day flower delivery goes terribly awry.

Bernice's Birthday by Brigid Amos

On her birthday, Bernice just wants to enjoy a nice salad at an outdoor café in the city. When her husband Lloyd objects to giving money to a street musician, she may have to toss her birthday plans. 

Citizen Zane by Diana Celesky

While taking a much-needed break from his minimum wage customer service job, Zane Tucker unintentionally commits a couple minor criminal infractions. Zane must then participate in a street-based criminal justice process that leaves him with a lasting memory of the power of the people.

Monologues by Dwight Johns

AUNT CARRIE- a monologue from a child's point of view about an odd adventure with a great aunt during a family reunion

MATILDA - short monologue by a younger sibling, reminiscing about an older sister who kept her Appalachian family together when the parents were unable 

EVERYBODY PLAYS THE FOOL- a middle aged man meets up with a former high school crush at his 25th reunion

WEARIN' O' THE GREEN - Monologue of a placid man who is questioned by police about his former pet Turtle

JACQUES IN THE BOX - Monologue ramblings of a shrewish vagabond trapped in (or living in) a dumpster. 

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