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First Flight Festival - 2018

2018 marked the fourth new works festival.

All performances are in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Studio Theatre, 12th & R Streets, Lincoln Nebraska

Flight A  
Window # 5  by Paul Burrow - Director Cecilia Burkhart - cast: Maribel Cruz, Jeff Falter, Tim Peglow, Lauren Phillips
Lesbians, KFC and Ellen Degeneres  by Willow Statmore & Jillian Carter - Director Judy Hart - cast: Jules Howard, Cheyenne Townsley, Skylie Klein
Absence of Absence by Brian Bornstein - Director by Timothy Scholl - cast: Tony Heffner
Something Worse by Brian Bornstein - Director Bob Hall - cast: Deb, Cody, Megan & Ben Arenz
F Bomb in the Courtroom by Paul Burrow - Director Scott Glen - cast: D Chapelle, Tony Heffner, Diane Gonzolas 
#MomPower by Jillian Carter - Director Jillian Carter - cast: Katy Morehouse
A Path of Love by Cec Burkhart - Director Paula Ray - cast: Erin Glenn, Constance Howard, Stephanie Porter
Rainier Mountain High by Mark Bestul - Director Timothy Scholl - cast: Elizabeth Govaerts, Tim Mittan

Flight B 
The Last Tooth by Robin Buckallew - Director Al Davis - cast: Penny Carter, Lindsay Masin
Lesbians, KFC and Ellen Degneres by Willow Statmore & Jillian Carter - Director Matt Heimes - cast: Zoe Coniglio, Micayla Brown
One Old Grouch by Robin Buckallew - Director Mark Mesarch - cast: JoanAnn Blomstedt, Suzan Lund, Jeremy Blomstedt
Tenderly Redux by Andy Dillehay - Director Andy Dillehay - cast: Kristine Kapustka, LauraLee Woodruff, Barbara Barron, Walter J McDowell, Mike Keating
She Loves Me by Robin Buckallew - Director Ceirra Austin - cast: Eleanor Schmeichel, Emory Brown
A Continual Feast by Andy Dillehay - Director Judy Hart - cast: Judy Anderson, Chet Kincaid, Gabby Ayala, Stacie Sinclair
Pumpkin Talk by Robin Buckallew - Director Jillian Carter - cast: Amber Nore
Rainy Thursday Afternoon by Andy Dillehay - Director Deanna Walz - cast: Sandra Halpern, Mason Gustafson, Don Cook

Flight C 
Lions & Tigers & Bears (oh my!) by Dwight Johns - Director Patsy Koch-Johns - cast: Russell Dunse, Gabe Benes, Luke Schmidt
The Last Tooth by Robin Buckallew - Director Tamra Maytum - cast: Cyrena Miller, Reese Malzac
#Mom Power written by Jillian Carter (July 24 & 25 only) - Director Patsy Koch- Johns - cast: Tesla Babbitt
Hounds of Silence by Dwight Johns - Director Walter J McDowell - cast: Brian Streeter, David Swotek, John Boesen, Cheyenne Benischek
Spellbound by Alijah Mallula - Director Tamra Maytum - cast: Kali Maytum, Madi Pavlik, Tyler Thieman. Megan Pavlik
The Voice by Nicole Benischek - Director Patsy Koch-Johns - cast: Anistyn Klink, Kali Maytum, Gabrielle Porter, Cyrena Miller
She Loves Me by Robin Buckallew (July 24 & 25 only) - Director Patsy Koch-Johns - cast: Tesla Babbitt, David Swotek
Me & Phil by Dwight Johns - Director Walter J McDowell - cast: Brian Streeter, Tyler Thieman, John Boesen
9 Seconds by Brian Bornstein - Director Judy Hart - cast: Alijah Mallula, Cheyenne Benischek, Michael Schmidt
Diamonds in the Rough by Phil Schupbach - Director Judy Hart - cast: Meren Benischek, Ariel Smith, Gabrielle Porter 


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