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Director Jillian Carter

Jillian Carter is a local playwright and actress. She has been working her way into directing for the past few years, starting with staged readings for the Salon Reading Series and short plays for the First Flight Festival. This is her first time directing a full-length production.

A fan of David Chapelle since first hearing his work in the Angels Play Writing Collective, Jillian has consistently been impressed with Mr. Chapelle's ability to weave complicated themes and ideas into remarkably natural dialogue. She is excited to direct Neon Vista Barre and Grill because of this complexity. On its surface, the play is about everyday life in a cafe, but it spoke to Jillian as a play about the human condition and the roles we often unwittingly play in each other's lives. As a director, that makes her job both challenging and rewarding. 


D.Chapelle has been actor, director and playwright, at this point in time, for more years than he is willing to admit to in public. After wandering through the wastelands, writing over fifty works for stage and radio Chapelle started working with Angels Play Writing Collective in the summer of 2018.

While working with the collective, Chapelle was able to put together five short pieces of theatre. Of these five the Angels were able to produce four in First Flight 2019; Swipe Left, Closing Time, A Cool Margarita, and The Beast. As four of the five pieces were written with a neighborhood café/tavern as their locale it occurred to Chapelle that the four pieces were actually four parts of a whole and Neon Vista Barre & Grill began to take shape. In finding the title for this piece it occurred to him that instead of the location being a “bar & grille” it made more sense to create a “barre & grill”. The barre, in dance and exercise, enables us to keep our balance while finding challenging new strength and grace.

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