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November 2020 Newsletter

A note from the Chair,

As the Holiday season sets in and the pleasant end-of-year chaos takes over, I find myself preparing for the new year by reflecting on the year past. It’s sort of a Thanksgiving tradition. This year, that task takes a bit more reflection. While the coronavirus pandemic clearly impacted the past year, it also offered the opportunity to identify the important bits of our lives and bring those moments into sharper focus.

I am thankful this season for internet service. Seriously. When I think about what has made the biggest impact of 2020, it is the ability to connect with friends, colleagues, school, community, and strangers. Without internet service, this pandemic would have a far more sinister effect on our lives. Remote school allows my children and family to be safe; video conferencing allows us to continue meeting as a Board of Directors; digital technology allows me to continue my job from home; and social media allows us all to remain connected with the world around us. 

But, there is another lesson here – a reflection on being thankful for internet service. I am also forced to see what areas of my life cannot be filled with digital technology. And, that provides a second round of thanks. I am thankful for the profoundly human connections I have with people. I am thankful for the limits of technology and the deep desire I have for shared emotion, laughter and tears. I am thankful for the way we fail and the way we pick one another up. This is not an easy time, and it is important to give one another grace and understanding. In an ironic twist, the limitations of technology have enhanced our understanding of what it is to be human.     

Angels Theatre Company continues to plan for the future, when we can gather and continue our exercise of compassion. The human connections are necessary. They are required. In the meantime, we can remain thankful for internet service and for our need for the flesh and blood presence of one another. Be sure to check out our announcement below. It is our sincere hope that this project brings joy, laughter and a bit of the human connection to you all during this holiday season. Be well, friends. Take care of one another.

Timothy W. Scholl
Board President

Let's Get to Know Our Board Members!

This month, we take a brief look at the C-Suite, or at least the 501(c)3-Suite, with the Past President and Current President on the Angels Theatre Company Board. 

Timothy W. Scholl

Timothy is honored to serve as the current Board President for Angels Theatre Company. He is a director, dramaturg and scholar by passion and an academic administrator at Purdue University Global by profession. As a theatre artist he specializes in new play development, script analysis, strange theatre history stories, and dense 18th Century German playwrights. He has served on the ATC Board since 2016 and serves as the administrator of the Salon Reading Series. Other ATC highlights include directing the Premiere of Losing the Ring in the River, working on the First Flight Festival, and supporting the creation and development of new plays. He lives in Lincoln with his spouse (playwright Courtney Scholl) and two children. 

Diane Gonzolas

Diane Gonzolas has been the Manager of the City Communications, a division of the Mayor's Office, since 1998. She is the past president of Angels Theatre Company and a board member of the Lincoln Arts Council. She has acted in ATC and Lincoln Community Playhouse productions. She previously worked in the Governor's Office during the Ben Nelson administration and at KOLN-KGIN-TV in Lincoln. She also worked as a television and newspaper journalist in Kansas, Missouri and Minnesota. She is a graduate of Kansas State University with degrees in journalism and business administration

Spotlight Angels

In our Spotlight feature, get to know your fellow Angels by seeing their answers to a standard set of questions:

Tell us your name and how you first heard of and started engaging with Angels Theatre Company.

 What was the most impactful performance/event you attended or participated in with ATC?

 What is your favorite ATC Event, and why?

 What is your favorite ATC memory and why?

What does it mean for you to be a part of ATC?

This month, we shine our Angels Spotlight on veteran First Flight Festival performer Harry Heafer.

Harry Heafer

1. I first became aware of Angels after my son was in one of the plays the first year of FFF. I had also met Judy and she encouraged me to audition the next year, which I did, and was chosen for a part.

2. whew…. There have been several great short plays written by local playwrights, as well as other productions ATC has done. I don’t recall them all so it’s hard to choose one. The last reading I participated in was impactful to me and from the audiences responses I think it was for them too. It was “Looking for Normal” by Jane Anderson.

3. I’d have to say the First Flight Festivals. FFF is such a unique local - and I’m guessing unique nationally - events involving all local playwrights and giving them a chance to see their plays performed. Some of the writers have continued working on making them into a full-length play, which I think is pretty neat.

4. I’d have to say getting to work with several other actors and getting to perform for the first time in someone's original work.

5. It’s given me an opportunity to get involved in acting again as my work doesn’t make it possible to easily commit as much time as a full-length play requires.

No Show Announcement!

We can’t put on a full production because of the pandemic, but we needed to do something! Thinking outside the black box, we came up with the idea of a “no show.” Basically, we are selling tickets to a show that doesn’t exist. Angels Theatre Company is proud to present a No Show Production: Much Ado About Nothing – Literally – No Seriously – Really – There Will Be No Show. Confused? Don’t worry; we all were. It’s just a super dramatic way to announce we’re having a fundraiser!

However, while the actual show doesn’t exist, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working hard on our behind-the-scenes features about this “no show.” Starting after Thanksgiving, we will be premiering a series of hilarious videos to get you excited to buy tickets to the non-event of the year! Look for them on our Facebook, our website, and on our new YouTube channel! 

Click Here to see the Trailer!

Angels Theatre Company presents a No Show Production:
Much Ado About Literally Nothing, Literally – No Seriously
– Really – There Will Be No Show

(An Online Fundraiser)

Donations accepted via PayPal at the link below: 


Thank you for your support and patronage!



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