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January 2021 Newsletter

A note from the Chair,

Welcome to 2021! I hope I am not alone in feeling a sense of relief and hope for this new year. While I am grateful for the lessons we learned in 2020, I am eager to begin actively creating theatre in this new year. I know we are not free and clear with the change of date, but it feels like we can plan again and work towards a return to normal.

There is a lot to talk about in this newsletter. We had a successful “No Show,” we have a new logo, we are announcing a new season, and we continue to strengthen our organization as a board. As you can tell, we’ve been busy. So, let me make my remarks brief and get to the good stuff in the newsletter. 

One important thing is safety. While we are excited to offer a variety of events and opportunities as we get back to work, it is important to all of us at Angels Theatre Company that we remain safe and cognizant of the ongoing coronavirus threat. There is lots of good news on this front, but we have to remain vigilant. While we will offer live events in the upcoming months, we want you to be safe. We will continue to abide by all community health directives and practice social distancing at all events until it is safe to return to normal.  While we cannot wait to see you all again at our events, you must make decisions that are safe for you. We respect you and want to be sure that we act in accordance with all precautionary measures. As such, our events may have virtual options, or be revised to be 100% virtual when necessary.

We are excited. We hope you are excited too. Let’s bring the Angels Theatre Company back to Lincoln and back into our lives in the best way possible.

Timothy W. Scholl
Board President


No Show Recap!

No doubt about it - the "No Show" was not to be missed. And, you didn't!

If you didn’t get the chance to see all the “No Show” videos or want to view again, here is the Link.

Please join me in thanking the production team for their work in making sure the No Show had No Equal; kudos to Jillian Carter, Kathy Disney, and Dale Hayes. 
(Who knows, we may have to do this again!)


2021 Season Announcement 

ATC is proud to announce our abbreviated 2021 season! In 2021, Angels Theatre Company will bring back the Salon Reading Series, Solo Tales and Ales, and the First Flight Festival. While these events may look a bit different at times, we hope you enjoy this return to ATC Programming.

Salon Reading Series

The  Salon Reading Series will resume for a shortened season under the theme of “Three Characters in Search of a Reading.” The Series premieres on Sunday, February 7, 2021 at 2:00 PM via Zoom. Check the Angels Website and our Facebook events for links and information.

Three Characters in Search of a Reading

February 7, 2021         Delicate Particle Logic*    by Jennifer Blackmer

March 7, 2021          Knowing Cairo        by Anddrea Stolowitz

April 11, 2021        Frozen Fluid            by Fly Jamerson

May 2, 2021        Brilliant Works of Art        by Donna Hoke  

*The first reading in February will only be offered via virtual meeting (Zoom).

Solo Tales and Ales

Solo Tales and Ales will premiere on March 21 and June 13 as a virtual watch party event on the Angels Theatre Company YouTube Channel.  
Please join us on these dates.  
Check the Angels Website and our Facebook events for links and information.

7th Annual First Flight Festival
The Seventh Annual First Flight Festival will be moved to mid-September and presented at the Johnny Carson Theatre in the Lied Center for Performing Arts. This staple of the Lincoln Arts community returns at a new time to premiere the work of local playwrights from the Playwriting Collective. We look forward to seeing you at the annual First Flight Festival.     

2021-2022 Season Preview

Angels Theatre Company is also hard at work planning the 2021-22 Season.  Current plans include all of your favorites (Salon Reading Series, Solo Tales & Ales, and the 8th Annual First Flight Festival (returning to summer in 2022), as well as full productions of new work.

In addition, expect a return of the Audience Choice program to select one of the 2021-22 Salon Reading plays for production in 2022-23. More information to come on this exciting season for Angels Theatre Company.   


Let's Get to Know Our Board Members!

ATC is pleased to continue our introductions of the ATC Board of Directors. 
This month we feature board member and artist/designer Marie Kisling. Marie is also the artist behind our new logo. Keep watching this area for more Board of Directors bios in the months to come: 

Marie Kisling

Marie Kisling, founder of MissKiss Customs, is an artist and entrepreneur from Lincoln, Nebraska. She is a master pinstripe artist and sign painter who works in a variety of mediums and styles, with an affinity for illustration and street art. Inspired by her father, and deep-rooted love of the automotive and car world, her style holds true to this passion.

Kisling‘s distinctive style is evident in her designs, with careful attention to line and color relationships, punctuated by her delicate, precise brushwork. Marie is experienced in commissioned projects and has been meeting her clients’ aesthetic needs in a professional and timely manner for over a decade. 

Her ownership of the former Iron Tail Gallery, a business dedicated to showing regional, national, and internationally acclaimed artists, put her in touch with Angels Theatre Company. After hosting multiple Angels events, she was invited to participate in board work to further her knowledge and expertise. She serves the board with her curation and experience with art both visual and performed.

Spotlight Angels

In our Spotlight feature, get to know your fellow Angels by seeing their answers to a standard set of questions:

Tell us your name and how you first heard of and started engaging with Angels Theatre Company.

 What was the most impactful performance/event you attended or participated in with ATC?

 What is your favorite ATC Event, and why?

 What is your favorite ATC memory and why?

What does it mean for you to be a part of ATC?

This month, we shine our Angels Spotlight on veteran ATC performers, directors, and personalities. Fresh from their special appearances in the No Show, welcome to the Spotlight Tim Peglow, Barb Keating, and Mike Keating!

Mike and Barbara Keating

1. Tell us your name and how you first heard of and started engaging with the Angels Theatre Company.
Mike Keating and Barb Keating.

Judy is our neighbor. Although we've known her 20 years, it's only in the last five we've been part of the ATC. Judy encouraged us to get back on stage. (Mike studied at the neighborhood Playhouse in NYC and Barb has a Bachelor's degree in theatre). We were busy raising our kids; however, once our kids went to college to major in theatre (they didn't stand a chance at being interested in anything else!) we got back into theatre ourselves.

2. What was the most impactful performance/event you attended or participated in with ATC?
Our first foray was a staged reading of Eurydice. Mike played the devil and Barb played the Loud Stone and was happy to have a nice small part with just a few lines (she was very nervous about doing theatre again).

3. What is your favorite ATC Event, and why?
Mike: Coming on stage with a bag of dog poo in the First Flight Festival. It was his first First Flight Festival and it was a great way to make an entrance.

Barb: Directing The Women of Lockerbie. It was a great way to learn how to direct a staged reading. The script was well written, the story was compelling and the cast was just plain amazing. It was a wonderful experience.

4. What is your favorite ATC memory and why?
Mike: First Flight Festival... because we get to ACT!

Barb: Being in Eurydice with Mike. It was our first time together on stage. He's my leading man no matter what, but it was fun to let the world know it as well.

5. What does it mean for you to be a part of ATC?
Barb: It's really a joy helping to bring to life the mission of ATC, which is to show the new playwrights their work on stage.

Mike: Watching Barb doing her monologue in the First Flight Festival.


Tim Peglow

1. Tell us your name and how you first heard of and started engaging with the Angels Theatre Company.
Tim Peglow. I met Judy Hart in fall 2016 when she cast me in “You Can’t Take it With You” at Lincoln community Playhouse as the director. The next April she contacted me to audition for the 2016 First Flight Festival.

2. What was the most impactful performance/event you attended or participated in with ATC?
For my third First Flight, I was cast as a person on the autism spectrum. It was a phenomenal challenge to find the balance between making the portrayal realistic for the people who have direct experience with autism, and making it recognizable to those whose only experience is from cultural portrayals.

3. What is your favorite ATC Event, and why?
First Flight always gives me the chance to stretch myself as an actor since the plays are so often experimental.

4. What is your favorite ATC memory and why?
For my initial First Flight, my character was an actor who thought he was the next Marlo Brando but was an absolutely horrible actor. It was lots of fun to ham it up and make the performance so spectacularly bad. Most of my arrogant characters borrow a mannerism or two from Sam the Eagle of the Muppets, this character borrowed several.

5. What does it mean for you to be a part of ATC?
As much as I love being in the theatre, it is challenging to have all your time taken up during production. It’s great to be able to participate in smaller productions that aren’t quite as time consuming, yet still be able to be on stage.


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