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Find and love these local artists as much as we do!  

Musicians: Kellyn Wooten, Kerry Fina, Jason St. Sauver, Kjell Cronn, Pance Zaev, Genevieve Randall


Kathy Herbers, Chad Klein,  Avery Kirkland, Madeline & Courtney Scholl,     

Toni Heimes, Diane Gabelhouse, Julia Kappenman, Cyndi Dwyer,

Lauren Olson, Barb Highstreet, Katy & Meghan Stratman, 

Matilda and Amanda Plugge, Jeanne K Hain Wiemer & Rhonda Lake 


Our annual Chairish ATC fun - and fund-raiser is coming up

Sunday, November 12

Cottonwood Café at 11th and K streets.  

Take home one-of-a-kind transformed furniture, hand-painted by Lincoln artists.  The event is 4 - 6 PM with the silent auction running from 4 p.m., and continues until  5:15 p.m.  

Admission is free and door prizes will be awarded!

Entertainment will be provided by our friends Kellyn Wooten, Sandy Van Pelt, Jason St. Sauver, Kerry Fina, Pance Zaev and Kjell Cronn.

Take advantage of happy-hour prices at Cottonwood with $1 off drinks and reduced-price appetizers!   You are also invited to stay at Cottonwood after the event for a delicious dinner. The café is open until 10 p.m.  See the menu at

Invite your friends and join us to “Chairish ATC 2017"



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