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Chairish ATC 2016

Thanks to everyone who painted, purchased or admired the many chairs, tables, benches and tables that were gathered and created for Chairish 2016.  

Jillian Carter won the prize for her awesome best hat!  

Special thanks to Andrew Fuller, Marie Kisling and Anthony Slattery for making Henry's and Irontai Gallery available for this event.

Thank you to our 2016 Chairish artists.  

You help the Angels fly!

     Arthur C. McWilliams IV 

     Penny Siefker 

     Meghan Stratman 

     Emileigh Maddox & students

     Andrea Davis 

     Joyce Bingeman 

     Jeanne Wiemer 

     Olivia Andrews 

     Keith Buswell 

     Monique Belitz Art Students

     Rhonda Lake 

     Julie McCullough 

     Diane Gabelhouse 

     Wes Staley 

     Robert Stewart 

     Bob Hall 

     Patrick Gauthier

     Erin Carmody

     Julia Kappenman

     Courtney Madiline

     Cindy Cronn

    Jean Detlefsen

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