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July 24 - 26, 2020

Lied Center's Johnny Carson Theatre

 “No one ever wanted to hear my story before……”

Shadows & Light: Untold Stories is a a year-long partnership project of Families Inspiring Families and Angels Theater Company designed to lift and empower the voices of people in our community through the creative and transformative process of turning personal narratives into live theater. When people who have experienced trauma are invited, heard, accepted and seen – when they can tell their story in a safe and supportive place – something begins to lift. Through trust, creativity, partnership, community and voice and the essential modalities of theater-making – we begin to move into a new space, expanding beyond any story, to bring about healing.

“Every time I leave, I’m lighter than when I came in”

Project participants were asked to do something they may not have done in a while - PLAY. Through movement, sound, voice and embodiment work, along with partnered sharing and small group exercises – participants bring more of themselves to life. By supporting and facilitating an interactive creative process, a team of theater coaches help transform these stories into performance pieces.  A supportive group embraces the collective results, whatever they may be – laughter, nods of agreement and understanding, tears, silence, resonance, and smiles. Deep listening and trust within the group create a space in which authentic creative exploration can happen. Working as a large group and in pairs, storytellers and coaches explore the process of turning personal narratives into short theater pieces.  In so doing, connect and see we are all larger than one story – every story and every life contains shared healing and hope. We help one another through the shadows and together step into light.

“If hearing my story helps one person know they’re not alone, it’s worth it”.

Please mark your calendars and join us!

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